• Hola !

    Curvy Talks

    The past few days have been rather scary. Mask-covered faces, queues to Wash hands in public toilets, sanitizers constantly out of stock. Accusatory looks towards anyone who is coughing or sneezing. Empty hotels, flights and streets following the lockdown travel but some use to roam around like they don’t care. The Spread of the COVID – 19 Coronavirus has suddenly brought all to a full stop like this ….. will be continued….

  • Pani Puri


    Hello my happy faces welcome back to my blog today am back with a mouth watering recipe. Today iam going to make panipuri and yeah it is one of my favorite snack any PANIPURI or GOLGAPPA lovers here do let…

  • reviews


    Hello my happy faces, Charcoal masks are trending these days, it helps in removing dirt from the pores and gives your skin a thorough cleansing. So guys today I’m reviewing the peeling off black mask by Mond’sub. Deep cleansing your…

  • Cold Coffee

    1 Minute Cold Coffee Recipe

    Feeling stressed and tired! Grab a cup of coffee and recharge your mind and body. Caffeine content in coffee can increase your energy levels, studies shows that Caffeine reduces driver error for more details check www.caffeineinformer.com. I’m personally a coffee…

  • Cooking

    Carrot Halwa Recipie

    INGREDIENTS Carrot – 2 kg Sugar – 3 cups. Milk – 1 litres(2 packets) Ghee – 200 grams Cashews and raisins for seasoning Crushed cardamom HOW TO COOK First, grate the carrots and keep it aside here i’m taking 2…